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---ARCHIVE--- April 2001
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30th July 2001
Thoughts on Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Perhaps the body itself causes Hashimotos in response to a situation where the thyroid is overactive, in an attempt (slowly, over a period of years) to compensate for it.

Then, the only way to prevent Hashimotos would be to diagnose *overactive* thyroid when it first happens (post-partum, puberty, whenever) and deal with it *then* before the body gets a chance to.

Not very optimistic, but what the hey.

27th July 2001
Today's lyrics:-

So Much Better
You opened the door
And left me staring
Begging for more
It's just not fair, it's just not fair, it's
Love not war
Your special caring
I've been searching for
It's so unfair, it's so unfair, but

Don't you see that
I could love you
So much better than, than, than
So much better than, than, him!
Don't you see that
I could love you
So much better than, than, so so
So much better than, than, him!

13th July 2001
Friday 13th. What fun.

Today's new lyrics:-

Count me out

You disgust me
With all your hand-washing
Wringing, turning, twisting, trying to
Leave your dirty life behind you.
"Is this the best it gets?"
Yeah, it's all downhill from here
Watch the winter trees fly past
No need to keep your dead eyes clear

Count me out
I don't want a piece of where you're heading
Leave me out
The world you live in's too upsetting
Count me out
The king and queen of Nowhere Mall
Leave me out
I don't want a ticket to your ball
(At all)

"What's the message?"
It's tattooed on your forehead
Love Hate Peace War
Lucky for you it wasn't horrid
Waiting for a dead-end train
Where everything is in-between
To go loco on the Spanish Main
It's the biggest buzz you've ever seen

(Chorus rept)

6th July 2001
Nick's new lyrics of the day:-

You're So Dead
It's a business thing / It's nothing personal
That's just the way it is / And how it's got to be
I know the consequences / Of my every action
And how they work for you / Don't mean a thing to me

[You're so dead] And you don't even know it
[You're so dead] But you can't even see
[You're so dead] You say you're the walking wounded
But whatever you say or do now, you sure look dead to me

5th July 2001
Dead rat in the garden - a lovely start to the day. How can things get any better?

Decided to find out if any browsers would let me render an image (using either"image/x-bitmap") or"image/gif"))... what a surprise, none of them even came close.

Also: decided lastnight to see if DynAPI layers arranged as horizontal rasters (of, say, a flat-shaded polygon) could be animated fast enough to give a simple double-buffered display... it worked!... but 128 layers updated at about 1.5Hz on IE5.5, and at about 0.5Hz on NS6. I don't believe this is a technique that's quite ready for prime-time yet. :-/

I'm thinking about JavaScript Frak! using DynAPI... the whole game could be based around a cookie-based editor, where individual users create their own levels locally, and then have a server-based mechanism for publishing levels to a large shared directory. Add a mechanism for moving to a different named level ("doors"), and you've got quite a complex community thing going there. Interesting! :-)

I'm also thinking about JavaScript 3D Pool, also using the DynAPI, with several thousand pre-rendered background frames. This could be a real bandwidth hog... but probably a lot of fun. It would definitely be a cool demo. :-)

2nd July 2001
Grabbed some domain names (from then bought the last 25 issues of Chess Monthly from the Chess Bookshop in Euston (with a discount, this came to 60)... plus bought a couple of related books... all part of my cunning plan...

All I need is some more cunning JavaScipt, and - bwahaha - my Rick-Scorpio-stylee world domination plan can begin...!!!